KaratPAY is an online platform developed by KARAT Gold Coop. and Karatbars International for the purpose of the transaction of your CashGold. Here you can buy, transfer and deliver CashGold. Just open a KaratPAY account for free. Buy CashGold online with your credit card and upload it to your account.

Purchase with CashGold and exchange it online or on site. Withdraw CashGold at the counter in your favorite K-Exchange shop - cash on hand. This is only possible in the K-Exchange shopping community.


What is K-Exchange?

A shopping community based on trust in gold. A worldwide network of stores and online shops which accept CashGold as exchange and payment means both physical (CashGold) and virtual (KaratPAY).


 Visit the K-Exchange or KaratPAY Website: