Karat Gold Cooperation was founded in Singapore in 2015 for the purpose of producing and storing CashGold, which was developed jointly with Karatbars International. Karat Gold Coop. also coordinates the digital transfer of CashGold payment in cooperation with KaratPAY.


A strong location in one of the most important economic and financial centers of the world in harmony with the highest technical standards assures you themaximum possible security for your business with CashGold.




Over the years, there have been countless investment instruments that individuals could look into to diversify their wealth and enjoy a greater degree of financial security in the future. However, because so many of these options are tied in with paper currency, they suffer from all of the same sociopolitical shortcomings as paper money. One of the most powerful investments that anybody can make, however, is readily available on a number of markets. Gold has been one of the most stable investments in the history of the world, and it has often been referred to as the secure currency.


When you invest in physical gold, you have a historically backed asset that can stand against currency devaluations. Paper money will always fluctuate in terms of value, but its value is only steadily rising over the long-term. This makes the metal a solid option for future investing, especially if you are interested in diversifying your portfolio.


If a big bank fails, you do not want to be caught off-guard. With your finances established in physical assets, you stand to benefit in all types of situations. It can be one of the most secure investments for you to hold, as there is physical value to it that has been used as collateral for thousands of years.


The precious metal’s value is always rising because there is only a finite supply of the metal. As soon as mining stops and the global reserves are depleted, only the metal in circulation will have any value. As a result, the metal can be one of the most powerful hedges against all types of future risks. When you invest with this precious metal, you invest in a steadily more profitable future.